Take advantage of our Christian resources.

Our library strives to provide you with sound resources as you grow in your relationship with Father.

We want to offer you books, CD’s, and DVD’s, that coincide with your faith and challenge you in your walk with Christ. We desire the library to be a safe place where you can come to share life, ask questions, and be encouraged. We offer books for leisure reading, deeper thinking, and stronger study in forms of novels, personal and group studies, devotionals, and teaching resources.

Our Video section will provide entertainment that supports your faith and challenges your beliefs through the lives and stories of others. We also have a children’s section which includes videos, cd’s, and books that will encourage their young faith and give you tools for guiding their young hearts. We carry a wide variety of books that cover topics like marriage, parenting, family, and Christian living.

See you in the library!

Meet Our Librarians

Trudy Wiebe

Head Librarian

Trudy Hiebert

Susan Wall

Trudy Braun

Susie Dyck