Sunday School

Teaching your children the ways of the Lord.

Our age groups

Little Lambs

Age 3

Noah’s Ark

Ages 4-5

Little Fishers

Ages 6-7

Hidden Treasures

Ages 8-9

Abba’s Arrows

Ages 10-12

Christ’s Crusaders

Ages 13-15

Sunday mornings

Sunday school starts the same time as church Sunday mornings (9:30am & 11:00am) and runs from mid September to mid June every year. We gather in the dining hall each Sunday morning for opening worship and prayer before we all go back to our classes to do the study.

The curriculum

The Sunday school uses the Answers Bible Curriculum from Answers in Genesis to do our studies. Because we take a 3 month summer break, it is a 4 year program that goes through the bible in chronological order. It provides a thorough understanding of the authority and primary teachings of scripture. We try to have two teachers for each class so they can rotate on/off duty every other Sunday, they are given a teacher’s guide which explains exactly what to do and teach during class.


Registration for volunteer teachers, helpers and students runs each Sunday morning in August. Registration for students is only required for new students and address changes.

Sunday school board

Johnny Friesen


Agatha Miller


Hilda Wall

Curriculum Coordinator

Pete Penner

Sponsorship Coordinator

Agatha Wiebe