Soup & Pie Fundraiser Signup

We are looking for volunteers to make a pot of soup, bake pies, or bake buns for our upcoming youth fundraiser

Date & Time: March 24, 2024 directly after church service

If you are willing, please fill out the form below. Thank you!

Here’s what some volunteers have already signed up to bring:

1 pot broccoli potato cheddar soup

1 pot chowder soup

1 pot cheeseburger soup

1 pot sommaborsht soup

1 pot chicken enchilada soup

2 pots komstborsht (cabbage) soup

1 pot tortilla soup

2 pots noodle soup (mennonite-style)

1 pot potato bacon chedder soup

2 pots nacho soup

1 pot mexican vegetable soup

1 pot noodle soup (GF, DF mennonite-style)

1 pot shrimp soup

3 apple pies

2 doz whole wheat buns

2 doz buns

2 doz buns

2 chocolate pies

2 mudslide pies

4 doz white buns (Voth)

9 vanilla pie with bananas

3 coconut pies